Welcome to my blog!

Who am I? I am Elise and I’m a girl who lives in Antwerp but studies in Ghent. Being a student means tons of schoolwork and also lots of stress. That’s why I started to think about starting my own blog. For me it means clearing my head and relieving some tension and that is exactly what I need. So after considering this for a very long time and having some bumps in the road, Elistyle was set up.

What’s the deal about?  My blog will reflect the things I love most in life! You’ll notice that I have a passion for traveling and that I’m a fierce shopaholic. But also that my friends are incredibly important for me. My goal is to have fun in writing, to relieve the stress and to inspire you!


So that’s what it’s all about. Do you still have any questions? Don’t hesitate to email me: elisejanssens@telenet.be

Enjoy reading!


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