Nyx powder puff lippie

Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.

Let that exactly be what I am doing since I have my new lippie from Nyx!

I am a great Nyx fan and I’m also addicted to lipstick so I think you can understand why I bought one of Nyx’s newest lipsticks The powder puff lippie. I bought mine in the color Moody.


The powder puff lippie has a simple but attractive packaging. It shows what it has to show and you don’t get distracted by unnecessary colors or pictures. When I got my lippie out of the tiny box it is again a simple packaging but I like it really much. It is quite big but this comes in handy when using the product.


So how to use it? It is actually really easy. You just have to squeeze a little on the tube and the products comes out on to the cushion. Then al you have to do is smear! Keep on squeezing a bit when putting the product on. It’s not difficult at al. The lipstick is a mousse-y lipstick but leaves a powdery finish.


After I’ve put the product on, I was surprised that my lips didn’t feel dry. Since this lippie has a powdery finish you might expect dry lip. Since I had some bad experience with it before with other brands, I was a bit nervous that it was going to happen again. But no my lips felt really soft and the color was applied perfectly! It lasted quite a while but when I started drinking or eating you have to put the product on again. But when applied the color is vibrant and so pretty, I don’t mind putting on some more!

After all I am excited about this lippie and I always have it in my purse in case I need it. Nyx has done it again and I definitely want to buy another color. But since I have tons of lipsticks, are you really surprised that I want to?


Nyx powder puff lippie is available in all their stores. You can find it for 9,30€ or $8,50. If you want to purchase it online Nyx cosmetics doesn’t have the option to shop online in Belgium but you can do so on Nyxcosmetics.com.



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