Relaxing with Horizon soaps

Note to self : Relax!

It’s been a while that I’ve written something because of exams. They are driving me crazy, so note to myself: Relax! And so I did with these lovely products from Horizon Soaps.

Horizon soaps? 

Horizon Soaps is a new brand that I’ve recently discovered so let me tell you a bit more about it. Horizon Soaps is a brand with skin care products made of natural ingredients. They make sure that most of their products are vegan and everything is as freshly made as it can be. All natural products like I said and with this they make soaps, body scrubs, body butters, bath bombs, lip balms and many other products. So when I discovered them I was very interested to try their products. We all know lush and other well known brands but I like discovering some smaller en newer ones to. They might surprise you and in this case it really did!


Cherry and blueberry lip balms 

I’ve got two lip balms and I tried them out immediately. The first thing you notice is the scent that these lip balms have, a sweet fruity scent that made me a little bit nostalgic. You remember those super sweet lip balms you had as a kid? Well these reminded me of them because o the scent but also the vibrant colors that they come in. You must admit that you still have to have that little kid inside you!

But are they any good? Yes I am convinced! When you put these lip balms on you can feel that they are really hydrating your lips. Since I always have parched and torn lips I really am a fan. The balms are a little bit greasier than the standard lip balm so they are perfect for winter but I would use them all year round. Another advantage is that you only have to smear once in a couple of hours.



Lip balms – 2,99€ / each


Body scrub – Golden mermaid 

I was so glad to try out a scrub, cause lately I am obsessed with scrubs. I’ve tried the Golden Mermaid sugar scrub. When I first opened it, I wasn’t a fan of the scent but while using it, I liked it more and more. Because I wanted to know what others thought of the scent I let my roommates judge. They liked it a lot and where curious about it.

So when trying this out I’ve noticed that the scrub has a thick structure but it was really pleasant to use. You have to take a bit more of the product for a good scrub but I was really surprised by the results. While scrubbing I felt the sugar work its magic and when I washed it of, my skin was really soft. So I can say that this one will be used a lot!


Body scrub – 8,49€


Body butter – Fierce

Not only is it important to remove those dead skin cells on a regular base, it is also important to hydrate your skin. So for this I tried the Fierce body butter. Personally i don’t really think the scent of this body butter has a feminine fragrance but it still isn’t a bad one!

The structure of this body butter is thick but that’s exactly how I like my body butters because it gives me the feeling that my skin gets well nourished. I took way to much body butter the first time which made my legs really greasy. So one piece of advice, don’t use to much. Just with a little amount of product you can get a lot of skin covered. I can assure you that this little container will last you quite a while. Because of the texture it takes some time for the product to get into your skin but your skin is really hydrated after this first time. In these winter months I always have some dry patches on my arms and they where history after using this body butter. Again I was pleasantly surprised!


Body butter – 8,49€


Bath bombs 

Last but not least I also tried some bath bombs! They surprised me the most. I am a big Lush fan and especially of their bath bombs so I was curious about trying these ones.

I can honestly say these bath bombs don’t let you down! They smell delicious and though they fizzle a bit less (but they still do!), they create a fun palette of colors in your bath tub. I enjoyed using these bath bombs and I am curious to find out more.


Bath bombs – 3,99€ / each 


If I made you curious about Horizon Soaps you can always find them through the following links.  Note: The website is still under construction but you can always email Horizon Soaps for information. 





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