How to keep your Lush bath bombs without losing their scent?

Cosmetics that dare to bare! – Lush cosmetics

It is January, a month full of sales and of course I had to visit the Lush store. They have amazing discounts so I would say: Check it out! I bought some wonderful smelling bath bombs and I am going to share some advice on how to store them just a little bit longer without losing their scent.

Don’t you just love the smell of Lush bath bombs? I just can’t get enough of them and when I buy some I don’t like to use them all immediately. So when I went to the Lush store in Ghent with some friends, one of them told me how I could store them without losing their scent. I had to try it out!

All you need is your Lush bath bombs or Lush bubble bars and some transparent foil.


It’s very easy. Just take a piece of foil and wrap your bath bomb with it. Watch out that it’s tight enough. To be sure I put some piece of tape on it, so that it won’t come lose.


Does it work? Yes it definitely does work! I’m in Ghent for quite some time and don’t go to Antwerp every weekend because of my exams. So I had to wait a bit to enjoy my bath bombs. When I unpacked them today getting home they smell as good as when they did when I bought them. So I’ll keep on doing this little easy trick!

Do you feel the urge to buy some bath bombs? Just go to the Lush website!

Will you be trying it out? Let me know!



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