2018 is coming our way!

365 new days, 365 new chances.

The end of 2017 and (almost) the beginning of 2018. Happy and exited are just a few words that describe what I am feeling now. Every year we make our resolutions for the new year and this is going to be the first time that I’m actually going to make some myself. So here I go.

I’m not going to make this to hard on me, cause no one likes failure. So I think I’ve come up with some resolutions that can’t go wrong. Or at least I hope so!


  • Travel some more

Everyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I’m very passionate about traveling. This year was all about my three month internship in South-Africa, my adventure in Sri Lanka and some other smaller destinations like Ostend and Bilbao. I had a pretty good year when it comes to traveling and I want 2018 to be as good as 2017.


So far I’ve only booked Balaton, a festival in Hungary. Not a real holiday but at least as much fun as traveling. But if you know me, it wont be the only thing I’ll do next year. Cause destinations like Budapest and Australia are also on my mind. Let’s figure out how I’m going to fund it. Being a student and all!

I’ll make it work somehow!


  • Study my but off 

Since September I’ve started my new adventure in Ghent. I’ve decided not to start working as a pre-school teacher but to study some more. So now I’m doing sort of a preparation year for starting a master education. It ain’t easy but I love doing it!


So for next year I want to do well on the exams in January and make this school year an absolute succes. And I am going to do so by, yes, studying my but off with of course the necessary breaks. I won’t forget you sweeties!


  • Do as much bucket list items as I can

A little while ago I bought myself a calendar for 2018. But it ain’t a regular one. I bought myself ‘The bucket list calendar’. Every you get a fun or beautiful quote and on the back you can find a bucket list item.


So my goal for 2018? I’m going to do, or at least I’m going to try, as much of these bucket list items as I can. I think this will be a crazy challenge that’ll get me right out of that comfort zone. I’m already really exited about it!




  • Have lots and lots of fun

I think that this might be one of my most important New Years resolution. Just enjoy every minute as much as you can and have lots of fun. Because I really do think that life’s to short and you can’t let it go to waist.


So enjoy and have fun in 2018. Make it a year to remember! 






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