My birthday wishlist

December is my birthday month and I cannot keep calm!

Everyone is talking about Christmas and New years eve.  I also look forward to these days but there is one day that I’m so much more exited about; MY BIRTHDAY! So that’s why I decided to not write a wishlist for Christmas but I’m going to write one for my birthday. Yes it’s almost my birthday and I cannot keep calm!

December is my birthday month and I love celebrating birthdays, especially mine. My birthday is on the 30th of December, so between Christmas and New year. People ask me this all the time; “Don’t you hate that you’re birthday is in the midst of all these holidays?” but also “And what about your exams? Do you have time to celebrate this day while you have to study? ” Yes it’s not always that easy to plan a party and yes a lot of my friends have to study for exams too but I always make it work somehow. So lets talk about my wishlist!


HP – Photo printer

I love polaroid pictures and decorating my room with it. Especially my dorm room in Ghent that still needs a lot of work! This Photo printer from HP is the perfect gift to do so. I take a lot of my pictures with my Iphone and I’m always a little sad that there is no easy way to print those fun memories out. So this little device is just perfect!

Like I said before, you can compare these photo’s with little polaroid photo’s that you can print out through their app. Via this app you can adjust the picture or add a little something to it and that’s it! You are ready to print! Easy and fun no? I know that I really want to try this out and I can’t wait until I saved up enough money to buy this.

                                HP Sprocket – 119€                                        Photo paper – 11,98€


Rituals – Scented candle 

I love Rituals! I can’t take a shower without their shower creams and I always have my supply of body cream in the bathroom. But besides their range of body products they also have scented candles. I love how these candles are so big and they have different smells to choose from. Since I’ve got my room in Ghent I light up a scented candle every time I am in my room and especially when I am studying. So you can imagine that my supply of scented candles has run out quite fast.

Schermafbeelding 2017-12-19 om 10.00.03

Undiz gift card 

Whenever I go shopping at the mall. I have to go by Undiz. I’m always curious about what new, fun thins they have. So a little while ago I saw that they have a whole collection of  adorable home wear and I loved it. I could really use something comfy to wear while studying for my exams. It’s not that I don’t go outside and that no one sees me that I don’t want to look nice isn’t it? So that’s why I put a gift card from Undiz in my wish list. So that I can buy myself the perfect study and chill outfit for the following two months!

                                 Rilakkuma T-shirt – 12,95€               Rilakkuma pants  – 14,95€

Schermafbeelding 2017-12-24 om 14.55.44                                                        Sweatshirt and pants – 39,90€


Stabilo – Pastel highlighters and fine liners 

So now for the last item on my wishlist I’ve chosen for something that every student needs. At least I think so! The pastel highlighters and fine liners from Stabilo. Since the pastel colours came out, I’ve been totally crushing on these. I bought them and now I’m in desperate need of new ones! Once you go pastel, you never go back!

Pastel highlighters – 7,99€     Stabilo     Pastel fineliners – 7,25€


So this was my wishlist for this year and I’m a bit nervous of what I am actually going to get for my birthday. Still 6 days to go and yes I am counting!



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