Steve Madden embroidery sneakers

You can never have to much shoes.

A mantra to live by right?  And no better way to prove this by reviewing a new pair I just got! I’m a lucky bastard because I got them from my mom. I little gift she said. Isn’t she the best?

Most of my Sundays exist of studying and working on the many group works that uni gives me. During al this work you need to have a break. My favorite Sunday break is visiting Bent merkschoenen. Visiting their store really helps me relax. But what kind of a shopaholic would I be of shopping doesn’t help me relax right?

So strolling around the store, almost automatically going to the sneaker section (I’m a real sneaker girl!), my eyes fell on these beauties. Considering the many vibrant colors they have they really stood out! “I’ll try them out just for fun” , yes that’s exactly what I said after I saw my mom rolling with her eyes. She must have been thinking “Not another pair of sneakers!”. Just for fun turned out to be instant love for these Steve Madden sneakers. After wearing the white sneaker trend for a long time now, I loved this fresh new look on me. So I came home with, yes, another pair of sneakers to expand my collection with.

b1aa42ed-ce0f-42f5-b24a-3f389a7ee20a                                                       Bent merkschoenen – 89,99€

Let me tell you something about these bright and colorful beauties. Why do I like them so much? There are two things I really like about these shoes. To start with the thick soles, they are not entirely platform soles but they are not real flat either. Just how I like them being a small girl and all. The second thing I like so much are the vibrant colors. They are not just black or just white and I like that change.


There are also things I don’t like, being the laces in the shoes. They look cute and fun but I don’t find them practical BUT this has been taken into account. When unpacking these shoes you can find a spare pair of regular laces. So you can choose: the fancy silky ones with golden plaque saying Steve Madden on it or the regular black ones. I must admit that I haven’t changed them yet because I like the golden plaque on them.

These shoes are full of details and you can’t help but love that. Take a good look at the patterns on the shoes, how this is beautiful embroidered on them. On the back you can also find a little round circle, again, displaying the brand name. But hé, when buying Steve Madden shoes, you can show them of a bit no? For me it’s a wish coming true.


I’m so happy with this new pair of my sneaker collection and even in these cold days I’ll probably wear them almost every day.



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