How I deal with stress

Life in college can be a real struggle sometimes. It won’t be a surprise when there comes a moment that you are so stressed out that you don’t know what to do anymore. So how to deal with this stress? I don’t know the perfect way on how to deal with it but I can share how I deal with it!

Everyone has its own way of dealing with stress. Stress from school, stress from work, … So its always a good idea to find your own way that works for you. This blogpost is here to help you a way!

Enjoy a cup of tea

Nothing so good as a nice cup of tea! Yes I am a real tea fan, no coffee for me. I know I’m a bit weird about that but hé always be yourself isn’t it? So a cup of tea to help you relax. My favorite tea is mint or green tea or a combination of those two. But since I also like to try new things I always take my time looking for new flavors that I can try. Sometimes I spend lots of time in the tea aisle in the supermarket because I can’t decide which flavor I’ll buy this time. The latest one I bought was at Hema: Organic vanilla rose tea. This is really a delicious one!


Pamper yourself 

As some of you already know, I’m also a bit addicted to face masks. So after a long day of studying or working (since I also have a student job). I like to pamper myself with a lovely face mask. I find the proces of putting it on, letting it do their magic and washing it of soothing and calming me. Especially when I see immediate results!


Give yourself a little treat

My problem is that I can really crave for something sweet from time to time. Of course is treating yourself all the time not a good idea when wanting to keep a slim body. So make some goals that you want to achieve during studying so you’ll only treat yourself when you really earned it. Mostly I treat myself with a pastry or a piece of chocolate but a healthy treat can as be rewarding as those sweet things.


Put on some music 

Music has been a way to relax for as long as I can remember. The genre doesn’t really matter because I have a broad range of music I like. Most of the time I put on some deep house or some good sing alongs. Yes sometimes the people around me get annoyed because of me singing or (mostly singing out of tune)!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Don’t forget to take a break 

Last but not least! Try to take a break from time to time. Studying  non stop won’t do you any good and will only stress you out more. So when you feel that you’re losing focus just relax for a few minutes and then hit those books again. Keep in mind to only take a break when you feel that you’ve made some progress because taking a break to often isn’t a good study method either. Balance is key!


So these where my ways of dealing with stress. I hope that you can find some inspiration from this and that you’ll soon figure out how you can deal with it in the best way possible or to optimize your way of doing so. So the best of luck to you sweeties and don’t get too stressed out!



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