Kisses of pearl

In my last shoplog I showed you guys a new bag I bought. A little grey bag from Kisses of pearl. I really love this bag and I take it wherever I can! So let me tell you a bit more about this.

This isn’t the first item I bought from Kisses of pearl. No, I already own a bag from this brand, so that is why I still keep an eye out for their newest collections. Kisses of pearl is a Belgian brand that says to be fashionable and payable. Do I agree? Yes I do. Their collections are always on point and they follow the latest trends without costing a fortune. But it’ll also be more expensive then the bags you’ll buy at H&M and similar stores. Kisses of pearl is a bit more expensive but this resembles in their quality. So to get back on this pretty item!  A few weeks back I noticed this cute little bag and of course I had to buy it!

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Kisses of pearl – 79,95€

This bag is a bag for every day use like going to the supermarket, when you go shopping, when you go out with your girlfriends, … It has even been useful for going on a date! And yes I tried this out for you guys! For me it brought some really good luck!

When you pick up this bag you feel immediately that it’s very soft and you notice the figures on the front. Those figures are cute and shiny! Everything a girl wants isn’t it?

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

But is this cute little bag big enough for this every day use that I told you about? In my opinion it definitely is. Because of my allergies I have to bring my medication to everywhere I go. It’s not just some pills that I take with me but also an inhaler and an injector. I’ve got no problem at all to fit al this stuff in the bag.

I am really happy with my newest addition and I’ll continue to watch their new collections. Do you also want to check out Kisses of pearl? Go to their website or their Instagram.




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