Shoplog: October

It’s time for my second shoplog sweeties! What did I buy in October? Curious about it? Then you have to keep on reading. I love these new additions and really wanted to share these things.

Charlines closet – Sweater and girl power t-shirt

In the beginning of the month Charline’s closet held a late night opening and I had to be there. It was a great night with a few of my friends and of course we bought some new clothing. So I bought a new sweater and a new t-shirt. Because it was a special night, you also got a little gift with every purchase. This time it was a golden bracelet with an arrow. A free gift is always fun isn’t it?

       GRL PWR t-shirt: 19,95€                          Sweater 39,95 €

Curious about Charline’s closet? Just go to their website  or follow their Instagram.

Kisses of pearl – little grey bag 

Kisses of pearl is a Belgian brand most known for their beautiful and stylish bags. I already own one but I couldn’t resist my newest addition.

It is the perfect size for when you go out and do your every day things. Everything you need will fit in this and why do I say this? Because of my allergies, I always carry medication around with me.  This bag allows me to put everything away. Also it looks really gorgeous with the figures and the gemstones on it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Kisses of pearl – 79,95€

Check out their website and Instagram for their newest items!

Nyx cosmetics – Prismatic eye shadow ‘Golden peach’ and Nude matte eyeshadow ‘Tantalizing’

I love make up and of course I have to expand my make up collection from time to time. So this is what I did at the Nyx store in Ghent. I bought myself two new colors of eyeshadow to complete my palette. A prismatic eyeshadow colour Golden peach and a nude matte eyeshadow colour Beyond nude. Because of a special event I also got a sample of the soft matte lip cream in the colour Copenhagen. Thank you Nyx!


Prismatic eyeshadow: Golden peach – 4,99€ -Nude matte eyeshadow: Beyond nude – 2,99€ -Soft matte lip cream: Copenhagen – 6,99€

Most of you will now Nyx cosmetics but if you haven’t this is their Belgian Instagram and website.


So this was October’s shoplog. I’m very exited about my new items and you will definitely see them on my Instagram because I like showing of shiny new things! Keep an eye out next month for November’s shoplog sweeties!




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