Nivea essentials 1 minute urban detox mask

Nivea has launched the new urban skin line and I’m exited! When passing these items I couldn’t resist and my mom got me the 1 minute urban detox mask. 

The urban skin defense and detox line is made for hydrate and protect your skin against things like stress and air pollution. Or you can call it protection against every day influences that our skin has to endure. They brought three new products on the market;

  • The Nivea urban skin day cream
  • The 1 minute urban detox mask
  • The Nivea urban skin night cream

I only bought the 1 minute urban detox mask and I tried it the same day so let me tell you something about it!

The 1-minute urban detox mask is a cute little tube in white and green. The colour choices really draw your attention when walking past these products at the store. When looking a bit closer to the packaging you’ll read that this detox mask is meant to purify your skin. It says to detox your skin from signs of stress and pollution, to remove dead skin cells and to make your skin smoother and brighter. You can also read that the product has white clay in it and magnolia extracts. So lots of promises on this packaging so let’s take it to the test.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Before you apply this detox mask you have to cleanse your face properly. This way it’s easier for the product to get in your skin and work some magic! The first thing you notice is the scrub when you put it on your face. I really love this because I love a good scrub. This way it’ll remove your dead skin cells quite easy. Applying the mask was a bit of a struggle. The product  is really thin and smears really easy, maybe a bit to easy. But I made it work and felt that my face began to tingle a bit. Since it is a 1 minute mask you don’t have to leave it on for a long time. Before washing it of I rubbed the product in rotating motions into my skin so the scrub could get a good chance of working it.

After washing the product of I had a good look at my face and I noticed some changes right away. My pores were a lot smaller, my face felt really soft and my skin looked a lot healthier over all. When I woke up the next day I noticed that my acné wasn’t as red as always and had reduced to only a few parts of my face. So I’m really exited to find out what it’s going to do after a long term use.

Last but not least, does this product has a scent? Yes it has! But it’s not a special scent er something. As someone that uses several products of Nivea, I’m quite familiar with their basic scent, so that’s exactly what you get with this product also. Is it bad? No not at all because I like this smell a lot.

So before this post comes to its end, I want to make a short list of pro’s and con’s about the “Nivea 1 minute urban detox mask”. Here it comes.


  • A bright and clean packaging.
  • A lovely scent.
  • Smaller pores
  • Helps to fight acné
  • It only takes 1 minute!


  • Not so easy to put on.
  • It tingles a bit when putting it on.

Curious where you can buy this? Just go to your local supermarket or drugstore.




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