Masque bar

In my September shoplog I told you about the face masks of Masque bar. Well I’ve tried the following one ‘Anti blemish-prone mud mask’ and this is what I think about it.

Since I’m always looking for a face mask that helps to fight my acne, I had to try this one. When you read the packaging it says “Soothes irritated skin and bumps while helping absorb excess oil. Non-drying formulation purifies and balances the complexion, leaving skin feeling calm and looking clearer.” So when reading this I had a good feeling about this mask. So I tried it!

As told in my shoplog I bought this face mask for 9,99€  at DI beauty and care. In the package you’ll find 3 face masks. Each package has instructions on how to apply it. Clumsy as I am I already ripped it so I couldn’t read those anymore. Fortunately the main package also has the instructions written on it! The packaging is quite simple which is not bad at all. It’s a cute white and pink box and it describes very clearly what the purpose of this mask is.

Before applying this mask you have to cleanse your face with warm water. This is always recommend because the hot water will open your pores so the mask can really get into your skin. In this case don’t wipe your face, leave it wet. When I tried it I noticed that there is a lot of product in one packaging. So when you use it, you can put it on your face and neck, you’ll still have some product left.

When I tried it, I found it easy to apply. You can easily put a lot of product on your skin. It feels nice, I didn’t get an annoying or itchy feeling. I wished it had a nice scent because now you don’t smell anything, it doesn’t has a scent.

I left it on for about 15-20 minutes before I washed it of. After one time you don’t really see a difference but your face does feel really soft! When you want real results, you have to try it several times.

so overall I liked the face mask and I want to try it again to see further results. So here are a few pro’s and cons


  • Lots of product
  • Cheap
  • Easy to apply



  • No result after first use
  • No scent






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