We heart Ostend!

Traveling shouldn’t necessary mean going abroad. No, you can also travel in your own country and that’s exactly what I did! A few months ago I was meeting a close friend of mine and we came to the conclusion that in al those years of friendship we haven’t been on a trip together. So we decided to change that and we booked a two day trip to Ostend beach!

The ‘adventure’ began when we decided to drive over there without a gps. Two girls with terrible orientation, where were we going to end up! So far so good until we came closer and closer to Ostend. Arriving in the city center I was just driving and we didn’t find the hotel at all! When giving up on our no gps goal we realized how stupid we where. The hotel was right across the street where I was driving. That’s us, silly girls!

We stayed at the Mercure hotel, it’s very well located near the casino and the beach and not at all that expensive. When you’re looking for a nice and simple hotel, the Mercure hotel is definitely something you’ll enjoy.  After checking in the first thing we did was going to Disney sand magic! A sand sculpture festival at the beach about Disney. Feeling like a little kid, probably also behaving like one, we walked through the sand sculptures getting a bit nostalgic. Cause you’re never to old for Disney. After being nostalgic we went for a little stroll along the beach, getting our hair really messed up. Going to the coast in September can be cold and windy. But let that be the perfect reason to warm up with a hot coco, we did so at Georges tea and lunch.

Offcourse a little shopping was part of our getaway as well. For the people that know me, I’m a true shopaholic and I can admit, with a bit of shame, that I’m broke now! Ostend has the regular chains like Bershka, H&M, Zara, Mango, … but when going to the smaller streets you can find some really cute little stores. I must admit I didn’t really stop by these stores cause I would have spent even more money! But you should really check them out.

Ostend is full of little bistro’s and tearooms so during the day you have plenty of places to get that hot coco or eat a delicious pancake with ice cream. When being there you don’t need to think about calories honey! Unfortunately they close around 5 or 6 pm. So for dinner you have to look a bit harder but you won’t get disappointed. We ended up at Aqua-grill and had some really delicious mussels. Afterwards we went to the Langestraat. This is a street with several bars, like Copador,  where you can fancy a cocktail, a beer or a glass of wine. It’s THE street for going out in Ostend, you just can’t miss it!

I was there for two days and it was perfect for a relaxing getaway between to friends. I’m very glad that we decided to do this and I’m sure that we’ll do this more often. Plenty of places to visit in our little Belgium!

Need some addresses?

  • Aqua-grill – Bonenstraat 2
  • Georges tea and lunch – Adolf Buylstraat 15
  • Copador – Langestraat 10 
  • Casino Kursaal – Kursaal-Oosthelling 12 
  • Mercure hotel – Leopold II laan

Be quick for Disney sand magic until 1/10/2017



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