You see it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. All the social media platforms you know are booming with this hashtag. I also posted this on Facebook, but why is everyone doing this?

#MeToo is a campaign against sexual harassment that woman endure every day. Like a lot of booming hashtags, #MeToo started in the US. Actrice Alyssa Milano posted a twitter post where she asked woman all over the world to post #MeToo if they were sexual harassed in the past. Thousands of woman already posted this hashtag and this number is still increasing.



Why has this campaign started? To make a statement. Sexual harassment is a problem and it should be taken care of. Woman don’t deserve to be harassed just because of our gender. This campaign proves that there are lots of woman who’ve experienced this. Shocking is that a lot of them speak about it for the first time through this hashtag. A lot of woman don’t talk about it, don’t go to the police to make a complaint. Why don’t they do this? Most of them are afraid and embarrassed, they think that it’s their own fault or they know that the police won’t do a thing about it.

I myself have posted #MeToo like a lot of other woman. A couple of months ago I got harassed by a boy that I’ve met during clubbing. I am 22, I love clubbing but I realized yet again that young girls have to be careful. This guy did things to me that I didn’t want him to do but most of these guys are smooth talkers. He blamed me for his actions. “You wanted this.” “You made me do this.” “I won’t do it again.” And I believed him. I believed him and I blamed myself. “It’s my own fault, because I did kiss him.” But after a while I realized that I don’t have to blame myself. A kiss doesn’t mean that he can go any further with you.

It doesn’t always have to be a story like this. Other examples of sexual harassment are also being called at when walking down the street, getting stared at, … . Men don’t have any right to do so. Girls let me give you the following advice

Don’t let them do this. Be fierce, be strong and be independent! 




Photo credits: Mathias Celis


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