Life with allergies

I’ve been a bit absent on my blog and my Instagram feed this week.  No I didn’t forget you but I’ve had some health problems to take care of. So I’ve decided to write a blogpost about it. I want to tell you how life is with a lot of allergies.

A few years ago I found out that I’ve got several food allergies. In the beginning I thought it would be easy to live with but it was a mistake to think so. After some tests at UZA, my doctor told me that I’m allergic to vegetal proteins. This means that I can be allergic to fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and all sorts of grain. So I have to be careful of what I eat because my type of allergies are really severe, its even deadly.

Last year I did some new tests after ending up in the hospital for the first time. This gave me some new insights about my allergies. Again I discovered more things to look out for. But I tried to stay positive and I changed my diet again.

This week I ended up in the hospital again, third time so far, when I was at the gym. So I had to recover this week. Ending up in the hospital because of something that i ate takes a lot of energy from me. I’m full of medication and my body wants the ‘bad stuff’ out as fast as possible so my stomach hurts a lot for a few days.

Despite of my allergies it’s quite alright to live with it. When you first find out you have to adapt and you have to set some delicious food aside. But you get used to it very fast. Ending up in the hospital is a reality check to remind you that when your allergies are severe, you can die. But no need to focus on that aspect, just be prepared!

To every one who has food allergies. It gets easier to live with. Don’t be angry with yourself because you can’t help it. Accept that you have to be careful sometimes. When you get crazy of reading all the labels in the supermarket just remember that it just takes some time getting used to.

Any questions about food allergie? Please feel free to ask me about it!



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