Meet our new friends!

My second week in Ghent wasn’t boring at all! Because we’ve got some new friends living  at our floor. What friends you ask? Well don’t laugh but our new friends are two little gold fish.

Since a few days, two of my roommates are the proud owners of two new pets. One moment I got a message with the question: Who wants to join in buying a pet? Then I opened my snapchat and of course they already bought it! So I’ve got to meet: Gin and Tonic! You could say that it was rather an impulsive act but hé I’m not complaining.  

So yes we’ve got two new little gold fish and though their names are a bit funny they are adorable! Everyone on our floor is already completely in love with these two little ones and it just makes living in Ghent a bit more complete. Maybe I should mention that we have a rule in our building that we can’t keep pets but I think they’ll make an exception for these cuties. Don’t you think?



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