Shoplog: September

I present to you … a new item on my blog from now on: Shoplogs! Every month I’ll write about some fun stuff I bought in that specific month. This time it’ll be a shoplog about September and the beautyproducts I bought. So here they come!


Origins – Out of trouble 10 minute mask

I already had a face mask from Origins and I liked it. So a few weeks ago I went to Ici Paris and saw little try outs for new face masks that origins brought on the market. Since I’m always looking for good face masks for my acne I took a look and found something interesting. I saw the ‘Origins Out of trouble 10 minute mask’. It says to rescue a problem skin and boy do I  have a problem skin!  So I had to try it and my first impression was very positive. A week later I bought a bigger tube of this face mask. I’m still testing it but it seems promising and I will post a review about it later on!


 Origins available at Ici Paris XL – Out of trouble 10 minute mask 25€


Bumble and bumble – Thickening dryspun finish

Bumble and bumble is a new brand that you can buy at Ici Paris xl. It’s a brand that originates from the US and they offer a whole range of hair products. The words NEW and Hair product stood out for me! So I wanted to try this brand and I bought a little definition spray called ‘Bb thickening – dryspun finish’ . It promises a dry spray that creates instant fullness and holds airy texture. Since my hair is very dull and has no volume at all, this product seemed very interesting!


Bumble and bumble available at Ici Paris XL – Bb thickening dryspun finish 15€ (Small bottle)


Hema – Heat protection spray 

When stopping by Hema one day looking for some travel essentials I spotted their heat protection spray. I didn’t have any left so I decided to try this because it was cheap and it doesn’t hurt to try it right? I’ve already used it a few times and it smells DELICIOUS! I really like the smell and it does really protect my hair. I’m really glad with this purchase!


Hema heat protection spray 2,95€


Batiste – Dry Shampoo

I think that a lot of you will know Batiste by now. It’s an upcoming brand and I know that lots of bloggers use their dry shampoo already. Well I also started with using their dry shampoo’s a couple of months ago. Because I ran out of it, I didn’t hesitate a second to buy this again. I’ve tried a different scent this time, last time I had a cocos scented dry shampoo. This time I chose Floral en flirty blush! I really can’t live without a dry shampoo anymore, I think it is a gift made in heaven for us, students!


Batiste is available in your nearest drugstore or supermarket – Batiste dry shampoo, floral en flirty blush 1,97€


Masque bar – Anti blemish mud mask

I’ve also picked something up that I haven’t noticed before. But when I do notice something new I can’t wait to buy it and try it. So I’ve discovered the face masks from Masque bar. It’s a package with three full face masks in it. I bought a package for imperfections, a anti blemish-prone mud mask. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m looking forward to the moment that I will.


Masque bar is available at DI beauty and care – Masque bar anti blemish-prone mud mask 9,99€


This was my first shoplog ever and I really liked writing this. Next month I’ll write another one so keep checking my blog peeps!




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