My first week in Ghent

Sunday! The end of the week and also the end of my first week in Ghent. How did it all go? How did my new chapter start?

A new school means new classes. It’s totally different from what I’ve studied in Antwerp and it’s exiting! It’s going to be a real challenge but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve got classes every day and a big difference is the independence that the teachers expect from you. Of course everyone has to grow up at a certain point and this approach is a good one to achieve it. They’ve also given me tons of schoolwork already! What did I expect right? Being in a social sector means lots of group works. Let’s get into it!

Being a student in Ghent means living in Ghent. So It was also my first week at my sweet little room here. I’m staying in a building with 122 student rooms in total! Lots of students but so many incredible people. From the first night I’ve got a warm welcome on the floor that I’m staying and I’m in the communal kitchen every night since then. New friends? Check!

I even like Ghent so much that I’ve stayed during the weekend. Just a quick stop home in Antwerp for a few extra things. But on Saturday I already went back for a party at Vooruit. Today being the first Sunday of the month,I enjoyed the Sunday opening at the shopping streets. Yes you can shop here every first Sunday of the month just like in Antwerp. Perfect isn’t it?

In the beginning I was very nervous to be living in Ghent and even a little bit afraid. Unnecessary actually because everything is great so far. I think I’ll have a great year over here! Getting to know all the hotspots and fun places over here will take me a little bit more time but I’ll definitely write about it when I’ve come to that point.



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