My first day of school – survivalkit!

Tomorrow is THE day! The first day at university. As I told you all before I’m starting something new at the university in Ghent and the first day is finally here. I’m very nervous about it and I’ve made myself a survivalkit. This way I will definitely survive. So let me show you what’s in it!


Laptop with Cath Kidston sleeve

I never go to class without my laptop and my Cath Kidston sleeve. I’ve had it for several years and the sleeve shows no damage at all! The quality is amazing and it’s still affordable! My advice, don’t carry your laptop around without protection. Buying a sleeve is always cheaper than buying a new laptop, isn’t it?


Planning is easy with these two 

During summer holidays I always start my search for a good school agenda. This year I found one with some cute flowers on it. Not only did a find a regular agenda but also a cute desk planner. I’m such a mess when it comes to my planning that I need two! But it’s also easy to have one on your desk. Just a little peak and you remember what you have planned!


Take notes with a cute notebook!

You can never go to class without a notebook. I bring both my laptop as a notebook to class. I am just over prepared sometimes! Find yourself a cute one. I’ve gotten myself a special one with tabs. So you have a section for every course you’re following. I bought mine at Hema. You have lots and lots of different notebooks over there but I always go for one like this. It’s just very practical.


Not so dull pens

Why bother and buy yourself some dull pens from the supermarket. I bought myself a fancy one! This one came in all different kind of colors but this beige/bronze one was my favorite. It makes writing so much more fun!


highlighter madness

Not to forget highlighters! Every student gets through these things so fast! I bet your courses are full of highlighted paragraphs! I’m no different so I bought myself a new highlighter. Nothing fancy but it has two ends. A thick and a small one. You can choose which one you like most.


Water and snacks

Sometimes you’re stuck in class for a couple of hours straight. Don’t forget to bring something to drink and a snack. I always carry a bottle of water around, cause water is healthy and good! My preferred snack are these rice waffles with a yoghurt coating on it. Delicious and always a lot healthier then those chocolate cookies. Take care of yourself!


So this is my survivalkit for the first day of school. For everyone that also has to go back to school, good luck and you will survive it! Want to know where I bought everything? Check out the websites below.

  • Stationary stuff  – Hema (I so, so love this store!)
  • Laptop Sleeve  – Cath Kidston
  • Rice waffles with yoghurt coating – In the dietary hallway of your supermarket

Have a good day at school sweeties!



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