Ayubowan in Sri Lanka

I’ve told you all about my adventure in Sri Lanka and I promised you a blogpost about it. So here it is! Finally! My sincere apologies for waiting so long. So are you ready? Just click ‘Read more’. 

Schermafbeelding 2017-09-20 om 15.44.31As I told you in a previous blogpost, I traveled with a group. It was an organized trip with a travel guide. Together we traveled for three weeks crossing almost the entire country. It was quite a challenge for me. Why? Well because I’m a bit more of the luxurious type when it comes to traveling. This time I didn’t have my big fancy suitcase and numerous outfits. No, I had only one bag pack and not a single thing from my huge collection of beauty products. So nothing luxurious about that. I can say that I forced myself out of my comfort zone but I LOVED IT! I would definitely go backpacking again. This time I went to Sri Lanka but I’ve got some other Asian countries on my to do list as well.

Sri Lanka stole a piece of my heart. The reasons why are to much to write down. I don’t think you want to read a whole book. If you wanted that, you’d buy a travel guide. So I’m going to make it easy for you and just give you a list of 10 things you should do in Sri Lanka.

  1. The rock temple in Dambulla. Sri Lanka is mainly a Buddhistic country. So they do have tons of temples to visit and I can assure you that I’ve seen a lot of those temples. But this rock temple really stood out for me. So it’s my number one.
  2. Try some delicious Sri Lankan food! In general the traditional kitchen is pretty spicy but if they know you’re a tourist, they’ll keep it in mind. The curry’s are a dish that you can eat everywhere, a whole menu exists of about 5 curry’s. But other tasty traditional food is Roti, Kothu or a Samosa.  Tip: Jammra – Troonplaats 3, 2018 Antwerp. 
  3. Take a Tuktuk! No better way to get through the busy Sri Lankan traffic as with a tuktuk. It’s like a small motorcycle but with seatings in the back for 2-4 people. You better practice your bargain skills because you always negotiate the price upfront when taking this easy and fun transport.
  4. Trainride from Kandy to Ella. Unfortunately the trip itself wasn’t all to much fun for me since I was really, really sick. But afterwards I regret not enjoying the views from tea plantations along the way. So enjoy the landscape and the beautiful views! Besides traveling by train in Sri Lanka is quite the experience!
  5. Turtle watching. When we were in Tangalle we got the opportunity to go turtle watching. It was an incredible experience and we got lucky to see a turtle burying her eggs and see little ones crawling to the sea. Please keep in mind not to take photo’s with a flash and try to maintain the peace of these animals. I saw a lot of tourists there disrespecting these lovely creatures and that isn’t ok at all!
  6. Tea tasting in a tea factory. Sri Lanka has a lot of tea plantations, so why not visit a tea factory? It’s really fun to do and you see the proces of how they make the delicious teas that we drink. You’ll find out that there are so much more kind of teas then you know! Afterwards you can taste all sorts of teas and if you want to buy some, there is a little shop to do so.
  7. Little adams peak. When you go to Sri Lanka or planning to go you’ve probably heard about Adams peak. Well we didn’t do it though but we did do Little Adams peak in Ella. It was right after I recovered from being really ill so it wasn’t that easy for me but in general this hike isn’t that tough to do. When you get to the top, the view is yet again breathtaking!
  8. Why not take public transport? When traveling through Sri Lanka it is very easy to take a bus to your next location. The public buses are cheaper then a private bus and they are a lot of fun to travel with. Enjoy the decorations, the music and the food vendors at the stops. It’s really traveling in style, the Sri Lankan style of course. Don’t forget to go to the toilet before you get on the bus. Sometimes you have to drive for a couple of hours and most of the time they don’t stop for a toilet break.
  9. Rent a bike or scooter. While I was there, we’ve rented bikes. You can do a guided bike ride or explore on your own. We’ve had a lot of fun biking through the streets but be careful of the crazy traffic! Not a fan of bikes? In the more touristic places you can also rent a scooter. It’s not that expensive and in our experience you didn’t need an international drivers license.
  10. Last but not least: Enjoy the beautiful nature! Not to forget, enjoy the nature during your stay! Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with a lot of nature. You can do tons of hike while you’re there and be amazed by the view every time.

Also important when traveling to Sri Lanka is to bring some antibiotics just in case you get sick and to buy a travel visa. You can do this on the following website: http://www.eta.gov.lk/slvisa/ The last advice that I want to give you is to bring a roll of toilet paper in your backpack. When you go to the toilet there won’t always be toilet paper. The locals use their left hand to wipe so don’t forget!

So this was my blogpost about Sri Lanka and I hope that I’ve made you exited to visit this country yourself! If you do, enjoy it to the fullest because it is an amazing experience!



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