Bilbao: A traditional mother-daughter trip

Family is really important for me and especially my mom. She’s been through a lot with me and without her I wouldn’t be where I am now. So for the second year in a row we went on a citytrip together, just the two of us. My dad you ask? He had to stay home and look after our dog.

The first thing on my mind wen arriving in Bilbao was ‘Wow it’s so quiet here!’. Well off course it was really late in the evening and I forgot that we booked a hotel a bit out of the busy parts of town. Silly me! But still Bilbao really comes to life after the workday. Then you can find everyone in the numerous bars across town sipping a well deserved drink. They do so until 8-8:30 PM, so of you are hungry and looking for a nice dinner you have to be patient. Most of the time the kitchen doesn’t open before 8PM. But you won’t starve though. You’ll find Pintxos, or better known as tapas, in every bar. Do you more have a sweet tooth, no problem at all! You can always stop by at the ‘Pasteleria’, for some delicious pastries. With those Pintxos you’ve also got to drink right? The obvious drink is a great Spanish wine. I’ve tasted to really good wines over there. First a local one Bitxia Txakolina its a bask dry white wine with a little bit of sweetness in it. I was very surprised by this one. The other one that I’ve tried there was the albarino martin codax. This is also a dry white one. Don’t forget to visit Mercado de la Ribera for an easy lunch. It’s a food hall where you can choose between a variety of Pintxos and off course a nice drink with it.

Enough about food and drinks. Bilbao has so much more to offer, like the old town. Here you can stroll around in the little and narrow streets. Very cool during the hot summer days. When taking the stairs to Extebarri Parkea, you’ll have a beautiful city view. If this view isn’t enough for you, go and visit Mirador de Artxanda. Here you’ll find a amazing panoramic view.

Last but not least: the Guggenheim. I stayed in the Gran hotel Domine right across the museum, amazing! So I had to visit it, especially because you can find a painting of Andy Warholl over there. I’m a big big fan! I like to visit a museum during my vacation and I can surely recommend the Guggenheim in Bilbao.

A little tip! Students do get a discount.

This can come in handy

  • Restaurante Amaren – Diputazio Kalea, 1
  • Bilbao Berria – Calle Ledesma, 26
  • Mercado de la ribera – Erribera Kalea
  • Guggenheim museum – Abandoibarra Etorb., 2




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