Hermanus and Cape Agulhas

Here I am with my second update about my roadtrip in South-Africa! This time I’ll talk about Hermanus and Cape Agulhas.

After Cape town we drove to Hermanus a little cute town. It really was a small town but I discovered some cool stuff to do over there.

When you are there in the weekend, you have to go to the Saturday market. I did several Saturday markets in different towns and it’s always worth a visit, so definitely ask about it! Don’t bother about breakfast in your hotel but take it at the market. Enjoy some typical roosterkoek and rooibos tea.

For the rest of your stay you can enjoy the many bistro’s for a bite to eat or a refreshing drink. You can spot several little souvenir markets around town. Or go to the museum? You have a few museums to visit like the whale museum or a photo museum. A beautiful beach hike is also a fun thing to do. When you are there in winter, you are in luck! It’s the perfect moment for whale spotting and Hermanus is know for it’s whale spotting, so don’t miss out!

After Hermanus we went to Cape Agulhas. For the people who don’t know this. Cape Agulhas is the most southern point of Africa. Worth dropping by.

So dear friends, this was my second update. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll try my best to answer them.





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