Cape town hotspots

As I told in my last blogpost, my last two weeks where two weeks of roadtripping! And this is what I did in Cape town.

Table mountain national park:  This national park is well known for cape of good hope and cape point. Everyone knows these touristic attractions but this national park is so much more! There are lots of good hikes to do over there. That’s why we did a hike on the beach to a shipwreck. The weather was unbelievably bad and we were soaking wet but finding the shipwreck felt like a victory!

Boulders beach: When driving back from table mountain national park you can stop by boulders beach to visit the penguins. But if you are on a low budget I recommend that you don’t go to the payable entrance. Just enjoy the part of the beach next to it and you’ll see that the penguins will come by themselves. A cheap solution and lots of fun!

Kalk bay: Looking for a small lovely town to do some shopping? Kalk bay is this kind of town. It’s a little town with all these cute little shops, don’t forget to go into the narrow streets, where you can find all kind of things. Worth stopping by.

Castle of good hope: When interested in some history go to castle of good hope. This is a fortress that once belonged to the VOC. Take the guided tour over there because the tour guide is incredible! After the tour you can visit the other museums or take a look in the souvenir shop.

Green market: If you are looking for lots and lots of souvenirs, you have to go to Green market. This town square is indulged with little souvenir boots. Don’t forget to negotiate about the price!

Waterfront: Waterfront is a perfect combination of shopping and good dining. You can enjoy live entertainment everyday of the week and book various boat trips. Waterfront is a busy place with a great atmosphere. after a long day you can relax with a delicious South-African wine while watching the sunset.

Long street: Not a fan of a quite and peacefull evening? Go to long street where you can dine and afterwards you can choose one of the many bars for some drinks and a bit of dancing. Places I enjoyed? For sure Mama Africa and The beerhouse. 

So this is what I did in Cape town! Thursday you get another update.




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