We’ve rented a car!

I promised you all a blogpost about the must sees here in South-Africa. So here I am updating you all!

We finally rented a car, a must have when traveling in South-Africa. Everything is so far from each other and public transportation is a total disaster.

Prince Albert is along the garden route. A touristic but beautiful route through the West Cape. But what did we do so far over here? Here is a little list.

  • Mosselbay.

A 2,5 hours drive from Prince Albert. When you have good weather it is really beautiful to explore this little town. You can lay on the beach and grab something to drink in the bars close by. Looking for a cheap place to spend the night? No problem at al, you can sleep in an old train near by the beach. You can find lots of backpackers here. If you want a braai experience, then can you dine in the braai 44. For our swim we went to hartenberg. The waves are really good for surfing. If you go there for a swim, keep in mind that the water is very strong. So with little children, watch out.

  • Gamkapoort

When you are staying in Prince Albert and you have a decent car. You can always go to the Gamkapoort nature reserve. We saw lots of springbokkies over there. Our intention was to drive to the dam for a swim. Because we heard it was a beautiful place for it. Unfortunately we didn’t get to far. You are driving on grind roads with a lot of loose stones. So you have to got a decent car for it. But you can drive over there, you just can’t do all the roads. A week later we discovered that you can also reach it through the Swartbergpass. I can’t tell you if those roads are better for driving because we haven’t tried this.


  • Swartbergpass

Want to take a scenic drive from Prince Albert to Oudtshoorn? Take the Swartbergpass. It is also a shortcut but it is definitely a challenging road. Here are also dirtroads but much more accesible for every type of car. You drive into the mountains and the view is amazing! I took lots of photo’s and I was constantly amazed of the views I saw. I strongly recommend this when doing the Garden route.

  • Kango Wildlife ranch

With little children is this worth doing but also when you are a bit older. In Oudtshoorn you have Kango Wildlife ranch. You can compare it to a zoo. It isn’t very big but it isn’t expensive either and lots of fun. Best is to take a guided tour over here. This way you see the entire park and get lots of information. This tour is included in your ticket. You also have the possibility for several encounters with animals. For example cheetahs, servals, snakes, lemurs, … Also a croc cage diving experience is offered! Best is to take a Premium ticket for 300R. This includes one encounter. Each encounter cost 210R extra. So we sure got a premium ticket. I had the best time in the wildlife ranch! I did an encounter with a Cheetah and with the Lemurs. A few of the other students did the croc cage diving. This was hilarious to see!

  • Kango caves

When driving the Swartbergpass you’re not to far away from the Kango caves. These are well known caves in the area. Lots of tourists visit these. So we gave it a try. They offer two tours: The heritage tour (60 minutes) and the adventure tour (90 minutes). I did the heritage tour, where you get a guided tour with lots of information. It wasn’t the first time that I did something like this so I found this overrated. You pay 100R for it and if you show your student card you get a discount. A few other students did the adventure tour where you get a speleo experience. This costs 150R, again with a student card you get a discount. They had a really good time and I would rather recommend this tour when visiting te Kango caves.

So this is what we did so far with our car. I enjoyed every second of it and I’m looking forward to what we are doing the following weeks.



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