South-African life

As you all know I’m living in South-Africa for three months and it is a whole new experience. Sometimes it’s like living in a dream and on the other side I see things that I couldn’t imagine.

I live in the little town called ‘Prince Albert’, it really is in the middle of nowhere! We had to take a  five hours bus ride from Cape town to get here. This was already two weeks ago and I didn’t have a lot of time (or wifi!) to post new stuff. But I want to talk about my impressions here in this little town.

When I first drove into this town the first thing that I noticed was mountains and a lot of dryness. You could immediately see that it hasn’t rained for quiet some time. After a while you drive into the township. The conditions were the people live in in those townships isn’t what you are used to. People live in self made houses, which you can’t always call real houses. The school were I do my internship is in this township and when I ride through it I can see the crappy houses, lots of stray dogs wandering around, little cheap shops and people just walking around not really heading somewhere. It ain’t like the pretty neighborhood that I call home this three months.

I live in the ‘white’ part of town where the beautiful and big houses are. The township is the ‘black’ part of Prince Albert en is called North end. Everywhere in South-Africa you can still see the contrasts. Black and white, richness and poverty, English and Afrikaans (Which I can speak now!). Prince Albert is a little but touristic town with a main street where you can find everything! There is only one supermarket but not like the ones I’m used to. We don’t always have fruit and vegetables available in this supermarket and sometimes the food is already expired for a long time! There are several bed and breakfasts, a few souvenir shops but also some pubs and restaurants worth trying! When visiting Prince Albert you can eat real African food in ‘The Karoo kombuis’. ‘The bush pub’ and ‘The lazy lizard’ are two pubs where most of the locals go to and it’s a lot of fun!

What else is to do here? Prince Albert is near the Swartberg mountain so if you like hiking, you are definitely in the right place. From here it is an hour drive to Oudtshoorn and while driving to there you come by the Meiringspoort where we went to the waterfall this weekend. It was a amazing and refreshing dive!
Those where my first impressions and I know that there are more to come!



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