Get out of your comfort zone!

A few weeks ago I went mondeling for the first time in my life. No I don’t have a real ambition to become a model but a friend of mine needed someone. She is doing a make up course and for one of her assignments she had to do a foto shoot of one of her make up looks. I wanted to help her out and a week later a stood in front of a camera not knowing how to act!

I never did this before and I was nervous as hell. I barely look good on pictures and when I want a real good one I have to take thousands before I think it’s okay. But here I stood and I had to act like a model. A lot of thoughts crossed my mind. Do I stand up or sit down? Should I smile or is that just wrong? Luckily the photographer was a great man and made me at ease very fast. He gave me some tips and let me talk a lot! He kept asking me things about my studies, my friends, hobbies, … In the meanwhile I didn’t notice he was taking pictures. After a while I figured out what I could do and tried some poses and it worked. He showed me some pictures and I loved them! I felt more confident and tried some more stuff. I enjoyed the foto shoot and if someone would ask me to do it again I wouldn’t say no. As long as it’s fun, why not?

The photos from the shoot came only a few days later and I was surprised. I really liked them and I’m proud of it. My first experience modeling was a really positive one. I still have insecurities but I also try to look more positive and I try to be more confident about my looks. Being happy with yourself is still the most important thing. Don’t try to change and just be happy! Something I remind me of from time to time.



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