Last minute online shopping

img_5916Before I left for South-Africa I was looking for some light pants that aren’t to warm in the hot South-African weather. Where I am now it’s around 40 degrees. So you can get my point of view. For my teaching here I needed some comfortable pants for this climate.

I didn’t have the time to go to every store and look for those pants. Also in the winter it is really hard to find those! So I went online.

I love to shop at ‘Clouds of fashion’ a really cute shop in Antwerp so I went to their online store. After looking for a bit I found the perfect pants! So I didn’t hesitate and I bought it. The next day I got it in the mail and fortunately I was so smart to try it on. Only to find out that the pants didn’t fit at al! I cursed a bit because I was leaving in only a few days and the following days were quiet busy. What to do now?

I figured that I could drive to the shop that same evening, not so easy because the centre of Antwerp in the evening is a disaster. But I did anyway, I had no choice. I wanted to see of a bigger size would fit me better. In the shop they gave me a bigger size and I tried it on. It still didn’t fit and I also discovered that you could see my underwear beneath it. It was a no go for me! A real bummer because it was such a pretty pants and I had to leave with no spare pants for when I run out of good clothing to teach in.

My conclusion? I don’t order clothing online very often and now I know why again. Because I just don’t trust de sizes, de fabrics, … Trying it on in the store itself is always the best thing for me! When you do order online and the clothing doesn’t fit or it just isn’t your style? Just make sure that you can return it or switch it for another size. Read the lines underneath the website so you don’t have any surprises. For me? I just go shopping and buy my stuff in real life!



– Clouds of fashion, Nationalestraat 79 , 2000 Antwerp.

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