Beautiful Cape town


After two long flights I finally arrived in Cape Town! The start of three exiting months. I’ll be in South Africa for an international internship. Sunday we’ll be taking a bus to Prince Albert where the internship really begins: 10 weeks of teaching in Sonneblom kiddie college. 
But right now I’m in Cape Town and the last few days were already very interesting. On our first day we already saw a robbery. It just happened behind our backs. Pretty scary to be honest but I knew that this could happen. At the moment it’s summer in south-Africa and coming from Belgium it is a huge difference. So no surprise when I tell you that I already have a sunburn! Typical me, I’m just to pale for this weather.
Wednesday we behaved like real tourists and took a hop on- hop off bus. We visited the botanical gardens of Kirstenbosch, a bird world were they also had monkeys, got a guided tour in a township and visited several bays where you can stroll around and sit down for a refreshing cocktail.
Thursday the other students from Wellington paid us a visit. We went to waterfront were you got the aquarium. If you’re there and you like this kind of things, it is definitely worth a visit and it isn’t expensive at al!
Friday the Wellington crew was still staying at our hotel and we wanted to go to Robbeneiland but it’s really popular and we couldn’t get any tickets anymore for Friday. A real bummer because the weather was also to cloudy for climbing the table mountain. But we don’t stroll around and we went to lions head instead. My opinion? It is a adventurous climb and when you are afraid of heights like I am, it is a challenge! And of course Friday night is party night! We went to Long street and jumped in a bar where we could party. A very different experience then I’m used to because in Belgium I’m always in a discotheque. But I had a really nice time and it was a perfect last night with the Wellington students.

So this is a little update of my first week en hot hot south-Africa and I’m very curious what we’ll experience next week.

Xxx Elise

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