How to keep your Lush bath bombs without losing their scent?

Cosmetics that dare to bare! – Lush cosmetics

It is January, a month full of sales and of course I had to visit the Lush store. They have amazing discounts so I would say: Check it out! I bought some wonderful smelling bath bombs and I am going to share some advice on how to store them just a little bit longer without losing their scent.

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My birthday wishlist

December is my birthday month and I cannot keep calm!

Everyone is talking about Christmas and New years eve.  I also look forward to these days but there is one day that I’m so much more exited about; MY BIRTHDAY! So that’s why I decided to not write a wishlist for Christmas but I’m going to write one for my birthday. Yes it’s almost my birthday and I cannot keep calm!

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Check this out! Paul’s Boutique

Because life’s just too short to wear boring bags. – Paul’s Boutique

Check this out! I want to introduce you all to a brand that I am a big fan of. I honestly think that I check out their website at least once a week. I once did a guest blog post about it on a friends blog but now I decided to also write about this on my own blog. What brand am I talking about? Paul’s Boutique of course!

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